13% of biologists question evolution

Boy, AIG would have a field day with my laboratory. So, as it turns out, I found one of my long-time coworkers in the lab is actually a young earth creationist. Another is a professed intelligent design supporter (“There’s not enough time for life to have evolved without intervention”).  And these are real, honest-to-goodness scientists who are working in a biology lab. That’s 2 out of 15 people!!

I knew the one was an ID’er – his parents are strictly pentecostal, but he’s generally clueless about things most things people would deem common knowledge. So, fair enough, he’s sheltered and hasn’t been exposed to “true” biology (despite obtaining a degree in it). At least he acknowledges evolution.

Then today, I was talking about the geocentrism guy, and happened to make an offhanded comment that he was even worse than crazy creationists, and happened to offend my coworker! The mind boggles. I would also like to point out that the rest of the people the lab are non-religious, agnostic or atheist. However, I just simply cannot understand how people who have all the access to the best information, who use evolution as part of their research can sit back and say, hm, this seems unrealistic to me. “God did it” is, as I said at the Creation Museum, utterly useless as an alternate scientific theory.

How would you go about talking to a young earth creationist who is by all other accounts your colleague and friend? Is it my duty to try and help her understand? Or should I let it be in the name of diplomacy?


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