This is not hate speech

Harold Camping (I think he recieves a penny for every time someone says his name in print), the man of “infinite wisdom”, has once again failed to predict the end of the world. His website has removed most mention of his prediction and he has come onto the record to say that God has decided not to burn us until October.

I agree with PZ Myers when he stated his displeasure with people who are making fun of this fuck tard (Camping) in a recent blog post. Quoting scripture or using scripture to battle the insane claims of the pious is nothing short of legitimizing their claims. You (people who take this opportunity to use scripture to prove a point against religion) are missing the fuckin point. The point I am referring to is the denial of religion is the obliteration of scripture. What does that mean? It means STOP using scripture as an authority in an argument. It means bash them over the heads with their bible instead of reading from it to prove your point.

I can picture it now (wiggly waves, wiggly waves, wiggly waves):

“Why sure in Matthew 24:36 it says… and we read “No one knows the day …”

I snatch the bible from their hand and smack them upside the head with it.

“In real life we don’t chase fairy tales down the rabbit hole unless we are under the influence of plenty of barbiturates, fuck head. Come back when you have something useful to add to the conversation. I will accept meteor hitting the earth or global climate change as substitutes for your scripture argument. You’re lucky this book is full of fluff otherwise it may have hurt more than it did.”

Ahhh… that felt good. I enjoy a good beating with a bible. I also like to prop up shaky tables with one at the bar.

I understand the literature is important but it has been studied to death and should be put out to pasture in the land of antiquity. Also, let’s remove tax exceptions from churches. The free ride at my expense needs to be over.

Can we spend money to cure cancer already? Give the fuckin scientists money for their research. And, for the love of fuck, fund NASA again. I’ll send my Canadian dollars down there to help in any joint efforts to improve our understanding of life and the universe instead of spending all my time waiting for it to end.

Fuck you Camping, and the rest of the Christians as well. In fact, all you religious morons are the problem as well. You’re ALL part of the problem.

*Note: Fuck is an acronym meaning For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge. Of which it is not a positive word but a legal term defining rape. Rape, to me, is crime greater than murder as the person must now live their entire life with this travesty. Religion, to me, is the rape of the mind of perfectly good people making them live their entire lives with the shame and guilt associated with the doctrine.


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