Rant 2

Today, I am on the warpath. Today I am shooting laser beams out of my eyes at a certain group of people. This group of people is a popular and abundant low form of humanity, if there ever was one. Perhaps, I speak not to the people who read this blog, unless you fit into this despicable denomination. The people who read this blog tend to be a little more, how do you say, smarter than most. I don’t know why intelligent people gravitate to this blog (I believe it may be because of Flora) when I tend to write tripe and opinion pieces with an undertone of ignorance. I think maybe because of my ravishing good looks.

That being said and my vanity thirst quenched, I am here to smack some face. Here it goes.

To all you ignorant pricks out there who look, talk and breathe at homosexuality in a negative fashion, those of you who have a vendetta against the love expressed between a same-sex couple, and those of you who are opposed to all other forms of sexuality other than heterosexuality, I have the deepest disrespect and anger towards you as a person. I loath your very existence.

Strong words huh. Who said I need to tip toe around jerks like that? Sometimes, it’s better to be upfront and in your face as opposed to feigning respectfully.

Courts are passing anti gay laws, homosexuals are being killed and persecuted by people of all denominations and I would like it to stop. From the pious to the putrid, people are using every method to oppress a people who have not only belonged in our communities for centuries but have done nothing to deserve this treatment other than being an advantage to the human race due to the ability that only a homosexual has mastered, to bridge the gap between the sexes. That statement in it self is stereotypical, but it would take too much time to list every individual in the world and their affiliation towards deemed “acceptable” social norms in their view.

I have a lot to learn about how to approach this topic in a positive manner. All I am feeling now is anger towards those who oppress these people. So after venting and spewing my displeasure in the above paragraphs I will now calm down and find a way I can help the homosexual community overcome the obstacles that exist within me, in hopes that tmy actions are contagious to others around me. I want more people to be as appalled with the treatment of these people as much as I am and I want them to look within themselves to see if they are contributing to the negativity in their own lives with their own actions, thoughts and words. If more people think about this issue there may be a big change.

Education is always the solution to any social problems. Go educate yourself. You don’t want me to smack the bigot out of you.

Note: A strong note I wanted to add is in my last post I wrote the word “tards”. I am sorry if that offended anyone (I did not get any emails or responses, I was offended myself). Tards, I suppose, is a negative slang referring to anyone with a disability in today’s society. Similar to calling things “Gay” when referring to something in a negative fashion, the slip up is something I cannot accept. Please accept my deepest apology for the use of the term and I will endeavour to never use it again.


4 responses

  1. I am sorry someone called you “GAY”. From now on will all you TARDS do ti right and quit being Politically Correct all him what he really is … SODOMIZER

    • It’s probably also worth mentioning that Jusarious is not gay (otherwise I’m in for a nasty shock). It’s interesting that you would assume that someone who advocates equal treatment of a group must belong to it. Do you need to be black to think that slavery and segregation in America were wrong? Do you need to be Japanese to be outraged at the internment camps that our own government perpetrated?

      A human is a human is a human.

  2. Thanks for commenting. I enjoy having people visit my site to comment as it begins conversation and contributes to real change.

    Your (R Harris) comment has begun to make other people think and take steps to create a more welcoming world for the homosexual community.

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