It does happen in Nature

"I love you" "Nah ahh, I love you more"

Homosexualtiy does not happen in nature? Oh yes it does. Now let me wipe the evidence all over your face.

And incase you are wondering, Darwin had no influence on these finches. It was all natural baby!

Keep on being proud and happy my friends.



2 responses

  1. Also, the naturalistic fallacy is silly. It is also unnatural to receive medical treatment for an illness or injury, unnatural to drink the milk of another species, unnatural to use technology such as cars or wristwatches, unnatural to be indoors all day, unnatural to cook food, unnatural to read and to write, unnatural to have currency.

    It is natural to murder other individuals for trespassing, to bully and intimidate to achieve an end, to rape as many women as possible to increase your genetic contributions to the next generation, to spend most of your life in starvation mode, and begin reproducing as early as possible as frequently as possible, resulting in the perfectly natural death of about 50% of women in childbirth or pregnancy. Cancer is as natural as it comes.

    So, when someone says that homosexuality is unnatural, our next question should be: “Have you ever seen a doctor?” When they say inevitably say yes, “That is unnatural and therefore it is wrong.” Pointless argument defeated.

  2. It reminds me of the whole “gay is a choice” thing. It’s so wrong that it’s not even wrong. First of all, it’s demonstrably untrue that sexual orientation is a choice. But if it were, who the fuck cares? If you could choose to be gay, why the hell would that even matter? It’s still not hurting anyone!

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