About Jusarious

Jusarious knows the cake is a lie. A life long member of the Skeptical movement (he is in possession of an official skeptic decoder ring) , Jus vigorously discourages pseudoscience, religion, and conformity amongst his peers. Belief is not an option in his world view, as all claims are to be backed up by copious amounts of evidence.

About Flora

Flora is a perpetual student, presently finishing a MSc. and tackling an MD. When she’s not in the lab, she can frequently be found ranting about bad science, woo, feminism and willful ignorance. Her heroes are Steve Novella and Carl Sagan. She also loves ponies because they’re pretty, and cocaine was too cheap of an addiction.


One response

  1. Flora – we’ve been pretty impressed with your last few pieces over at Skeptic North. If you’re interested in cross-posting with us, or writing originals, the door’s open – just ping me at this email.

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